As the the woman is keeping Gajeel, Levy notes one everything has moved spinning out of control

As the the woman is keeping Gajeel, Levy notes one everything has moved spinning out of control

A bit after, Gajeel and Levy for some reason eliminate, however, appropriate Natsu happens traveling towards the its recommendations, operating the hallmark of new Love Like Slip, and that directs them each other into the destination together with her. Just like the she asks Gajeel just how he seems, he protectively tells Levy to remain in their fingers immediately after which can make his grip more powerful, hence Levy misinterprets, as he is truly only seeking hold onto one thing due to the fact he is motion unwell and you can desires puke.

In the future, what of Lyon and you will Gray cause the entire turn to become frozen from inside the ice, which Natsu angrily handles by the destroying it also the complete playground, making Gajeel involuntary at the top of Levy with the someone else.

Fairies’ Penalty Game [ ]

Just after a competition was made between the two Fairy End communities, Gajeel tells Laxus the guy most useful profit for them. That have claimed the game, Gajeel says Lucy because his honor and made their own, and Levy, apply rabbit caters to because they dancing from the him as he sings and takes on a guitar. Levy actually starts to question just how she got herself with the you to definitely disease. Levy’s eyes stray down to Lucy’s bosom, gandering in the its buoyancy and that’s astonished at the new evaluate between herself and you may Lucy. Shortly after saying the way it feels like the woman is the person who is basically being punished, she operates regarding for the tears, leaving Gajeel’s overall performance, which have Gajeel chasing after her.

Inside an alley, Gajeel locate Levy who’s fussed that he went on so you can follow their particular, thinking as to the reasons she ran out of. She mentions you to she didn’t need your to evaluate their tits proportions within her outfit, anything Gajeel doesn’t love. Specific young men following come to begin to help you fawn more than Levy, leading to Gajeel to pick their unique up and to tell the fresh new of those to depart; Levy providing find away from what he performed however, will get flustered whenever the guy tends to make an understated remark through to carrying their own.

Fairies’ Christmas time [ ]

New Fairy End guild facilitate within the town of Magnolia inside preparing having Xmas. Although many users help cleaning the latest Kardia Cathedral, a discussion anywhere between Natsu and Gray, and Happy’s naughty tips, leads to the fresh new church’s bell being dislodged and you can cracking. But with the short teamwork of each and every other, the bell try at some point recovered during the a far greater style; Gajeel and Levy blend their Metal Dragon Slayer Wonders along with her Good Program to fix the newest bell?s yoke.

When you look at the Christmas party from inside the Lucy’s flat, they are both sitting along with her. Gajeel concerns for Levy when she will get intoxicated also the other countries in the girls, and you may she slower brings their deal with closer to his.Gajeel gets nervous and you will shuts their eyes, merely to be blown away whenever Levy begins to make fun of hysterically and you will remove their tresses.

Whenever men and women takes on the game from Learn of Guild, Levy was amazed when Gajeel strips naked on Erza’s order, to the stage of being sober once more, and the woman is alarmed you to definitely Erza will purchase their own to accomplish the same. Gajeel is actually just as astonished (and you will blushing) when Erza commands Levy when deciding to take regarding their underwear and you will toss it out this new window.

Trivia [ ]

  • Many emails from the series has actually stated towards Gajeel and you can Levy’s dating.
  • Jet and you may Droy – Immediately after Gajeel and you can Levy’s go back out-of Tenrou Isle, Spraying and you may Droy mentioned you to definitely Levy seems to have a beneficial smash into the Gajeel.
  • Juvia – When the girls proceed to Juvia’s room in order to rumors, Juvia says you to definitely she seems Gajeel features attitude to possess Levy. That it brought about Levy so you can shriek and you may blush since she fervently denies such a thing, proclaiming that Gajeel is largely becoming type in order to their particular making right up for what he did before. Juvia has pressing on proclaiming that he or she is a people planned that will be most dedicated to men and women the guy cares for. She has generated other statements about their dating, particularly when Team B needed Laxus in the Avatar Arc. She frequently informed that they have been flirting or you to she desired a similar anything these were doing on her behalf and you may Grey.
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